Rabbit vibrators have been one of the most famous vibrators around. The rabbits are often called the best female vibrator by users. They are well known for their power and different functions. One of the reasons are the rabbit vibrator allows for simultaneous pleasuring with various functions and uses. Most of the Rabbit vibrators are equipped with 2 vibrating motors, one for stimulating the clitoral and one for stimulation the G-spot.

These vibrators come with a rechargeable battery, thus eliminating the need to change batteries. You can also use it during your shower time because Rabbit is fully waterproof.

Although the Rabbit is one of the leading sex toys, there are several others worth mentioning. HUSH is an online store offering a superior selection of quality female vibrators. They deliver a combination of outstanding pleasure, durability and total customer satisfaction.

Let's take a look at the Fingo's Tingly Finger Vibrator. This toy gives boring sex the FINGER! One of the best female vibrators because it's versatile and easy to use, As perfect alone as it is when enjoyed with a partner, it allows you to deliver pleasure to anywhere you can touch. It's one of the best vibrators for beginners. A woman's body is beautiful and unique, as are the pleasures she desires. One should always consider: size, shape, texture, appearance, pliability, and materials from which the product is made.

Before we go any further let's distinguish between dildos and vibrators. With dildos, you do all the work. Vibrators share that responsibility with the user. Simply put, vibrators vibrate and dildos do not. The Emojigasm eggplant is both a dildo and a vibrator. More on that later.

Some dildos are soft and can be used any number of ways you desire. While others are a combination of hard and soft to use on different body parts. Most female vibrators are built around the penis shape. There are many variations in female vibrators. There are numerous one-stop women's sex toys & vibrators shops, so look for quality and positive reviews for all your pleasure-seeking essentials!

Another high quality sex toy which is lessor known is the emojigasm eggplant. available HERE. Users seem to be quite satisfied with its combination of comfort and effectiveness. It may not be as well known as the rabbit vibrator but give it time and there may be some competition at the top with the rabbit.