We are here to help and that starts with answering your questions. Here are the most common questions and answers that users have about the amazing Emojigasm eggplant.

Q: Is this a vibrator or a dildo?
A: First things first. Dildos do not vibrate. The stimulation is a result of penetration and stimulating the G-spot. Vibrators do vibrate. Today's your lucky day because the Emojigasm eggplant is both a dildo and a vibrator.

Q: What is this eggplant made off?
A: It is made with high quality medical-grade silicone, safe for insertions.

Q: Is the Emojigasm product waterproof?
A: Absolutely. The stem has a water tight cap to keep liquids out of the circuitry to ensure safe use in a bath, shower, or in a swimming pool. What's more, Emojigasm is easy to wash off after your underwater adventure.

Q: How big is this vibrator?
A: The size is approximately 4.83" x 1.21"....it is the ideal size to satisfy.

Q: How do you turn this wonderful thing on?
A: Once you remove the piece of paper blocking the electrical circuit, simply click the top of the stem to get started!

Q: What powers this magical eggplant?
A: The Emojigasm comes with four LR44 batteries. To replace them, look at your local store or on Amazon.com.

Q: What kind of packaging will this come in?
A: Emojigasm will be delivered in a discreet plain envelope from our shipping manager in Texas. No one will ever know!

Q: How much is shipping?
A: A flat $6.99 for USA addresses.

Q: What if I live outside of the USA?
A: We can ship international for $14.99.

Q: Okay I'm ready for some fun. How do I get it?
A: Click HERE