Sex Tips

Fantastic Sex Tips To Boost Your Love Life. Part One 

Nothing kills a relationship quicker than monotony. If you are searching for a guy totally enthusiastic about you and you alone, then read on.

It’s not hard to fall into a boring routine with your guy. Much like with work, school, exercising or even eating, sex can become routine and monotonous. When that occurs, you and your partner will begin searching somewhere else for your excitement. Nobody wants this to happen to their relationship!

While their may be a lot of tricks to keep things sizzling, for the time being these few suggestions provide you with an excellent start to eliminating apathy in your sex life. Applying the following tips should turn up the heat.

1. Learn and Try New Positions

Let's start out with the old reliable. This is actually the least difficult, but probably the most effective strategy to keep things intriguing. There are guides out there with pictures and detailed explanations on hundreds of different sex positions if you are so inclined to do some searching.

If your man just isn't keen to experimenting with new sex positions, then you will certainly have to be the one that takes action.

In order to provide your guy back-arching, toe-curling, shouting climaxes which will keep him sexually enthusiastic about you, then you need to learn new sex techniques.

Pick out a couple of new positions that you would like to try out and keep them in mind the very next time you're in bed together with your guy. There is no reason to inform him that you would like to test them out. Instead, just take the position and be the guide.

If you’ve never taken charge in the sack before, you might feel just a little tense trying this. However your guy will love it. Believe me.

When starting out, test a few of the easier to execute positions that do not call for a great deal of versatility and are really easy to transition to. It takes a little finese so be cool and lead the way.

2. Discover His Desires (And Your own As well!)

All of us have intimate fantasies. All of us! The challenge for most people is they believe their desires are unusual or even a tad ‘out there’. They might not want to share with their guy their desires because of fear or potential unpleasantness or their man believing they're bizarre.

Many times your guy is likely fantasizing about similar things. So there could be specific desires or things that turn you on. And maybe you're too shy to try, but what if you could explore them with your favorite guy? Without feeling judged or uncomfortable?

Start with the tamest ones initially. Then eventually get to the wilder ones once you are both comfortable. Open up to his fantasies, even if you initially are reluctant to experiment.. Don't be judgemental and let it go. But don't pressure him.

Use positive motivation. By rewarding him for loosening up, he is more likely to open up down the road. Rewarding him is easy. It could be as easy as stating ‘cool, I am sort of thinking about that too’. Keep it a secret between the two of you and have fun with it.

3. Exploring Your Submissive Side

Most romantic relationships have a single lover that's a little more dominant during sex while the other is a little more submissive. In the sense that one partner is a lot more keen to experience new stuff, change positions or engage the other in love-making.

A terrific way to liven things up is by mixing it up the next time you are in the sack. So if he is normally the one who leads in changing positions, try to beat him to the punch and switch positions instead. Or perhaps he normally initiates sex. Why don't you try being the aggressor this time around? Or perhaps you generally begin foreplay. Attempt holding out until he does. You may feel a little anxious about shifting roles initially. But do not worry, your guy is going to be pleasantly surprised!

Okay that's enough for now. Get to work by utilizing these three tips and check back next week for more ideas on how to boost your sex life. For some solo entertainment, try the Emojigasm vibrator HERE. It's the ultimate way to enjoy yourself and it's on sale this week.